1 April 2021— 31 March 2022

All prices not inclusive of VAT unless stated

Annual Berth per metre –

Annual service charge –



Annual Ashore per metre – £116
Winter Berth per metre (1 Oct— 31 Mar) £87
Summer Berth per metre (1 Apr — 30 Sept) £106
Visitor Berth per night — inclusive of VAT

1st night
Each night thereafter
*Weekly rate
*Monthly rate


*Weekly and monthly rates through prior arrangement and agreement with Marina Manager
Small boats—small fishing boat harbour area £570
Lift in per metre £18
Lift out and power wash per metre £19
Hold per metre (4 hours) £20
Masting each way £95
Cradle hire: per month £50
Stands hire: per stand per month £10
Cradle storage: per 6 months £30
Indoor Workshop Package —

10% discount for customers

10% discount for visitors during Summer season

Package includes lift out, power wash, demast, up to 14 days in workshop, remast, lift in

Masted vessel
Motor boat
Indoor weekly per metre (or part thereof)

*Additional storage time not arranged and agreed with Marina Manager at time of booking may incur a surplus charge

Slip Pass – including VAT £50
Electricity per KW — including VAT @ 5%

Free Electricity for short stay visitors

Wifi — free of charge




Boat Yard

Undercover Workshop


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